“With Quality in Education field, we are talking of the innovation, consistency, commitment and excellence for the future. Believing in the above, we are performing towards amazing activities. Building the interest and showing the path for undeterred endeavor towards Quality in all activities, are the main objectives of this centre.“


Three decades ago, when India was known as the developing economy, Information Technology and Quality c emerged as the Core necessity for development. Today, while Information Enabled System has become the very basic for the survival of everybody, Quality has not reached the envisaged height as should have. in the develop countries, Information Technology and Quality control have become equally importance. Thus People across the world, especially Westerners, Europeans and Japanese. have made a mark in Quality and are being recognized as Quality Gurus. Whereas our own Philosophers and Theorist have not gained the similar recognition, due to the absence of live case studies and proper documentation of the success in line with their Excellent Quality sayings.

At post LPG era, the world had a dissimilarity among different countries. Whereas, you to Globalization the world has become one , the are wrapped up with Global Quality Tag. Adopting to this drastic turnover, we commenced our Quality Journey in 1995 which has no destination. The student community, being the womb of development, definitely ought to be aware of quality concepts and their importance. With this broad objective in mind, Anna University, in collaboration with the House of TVS , established AU TVS Centre for Quality Management (AU TVS CQM)year.

The rapid changing scenario in industry can be met only with a clear positive outlook towards changes in all professionals, engaged in Technical Institutions, Industries, Service Institutions or Government, to inculcate in their organizations the “Feel of Excellence” in whatever they do and deliver. Any institution can grow and flourish well only with the sustained Top Management Commitment. So The AU TVS CQM is also getting the requisite support in the identical way from Anna University and House of TVS.

The Quality Journey of AU TVS CQM will continue to bloom as having crossed several milestones in the past 20 years. The Centre will continue to dedicate itself in promoting an “Environment for Excellence” in the Academic, Industry and Service sectors.

Prof Dr. K. Narashiman


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