The Annual Conference Q Quest is a unique confluence of various realms of society like students from schools, colleges and employees from Industries. This serves as a great opportunity to learn about the latest industry practices and provides them with an opportunity to network with the companies. Q Quest aims to encourage and keep up the passion for quality. The objective of this confluence is to imbibe the wisdom of the experienced and the knowledge of the learned so that the flair for quality lives on

The 5 'S'

This event is used to change perception by changing the way an environment looks and feels. 5S is often called the “Gateway to Improvement” because it is very difficult to Improve a surrounding that is unorganized and chaotic.

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Quality Circle is a small group of employees from the same work area who voluntarily meet at regular intervals to identify, analyse and resolve work related problems to improve quality. The event is a presentation on the implementation of smart solutions.

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Quality Improvement Practice

As it is troublesome to keep going with old ideas, improvements will always help to reach the next level of success. The participant can present their improvements by using quality tools and techniques like CFT, Six Sigma, Poka-yoke, Kaizen, Task force etc.,

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TQM Quiz

"You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know." It is a challenging quiz competition, a nerve wrecking event for quality, exclusively for two groups of employees, viz.:
1. Operators
2. Front Line Managers

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Q Debate

Topic will be give on the spot. Elimination will be based on the performance. Debate can be either in English or Tamil. You will be divided into two groups by the organisers. One groupwill speak for the topic and another will speak against the topic.

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Poster & Caption

A poster is simply a static visual medium that lets you to communicate ideas and messages. Ideas are the pillars on which great societies, great nations are built. This event is for those creative minds who have impressive and attractive ideas that will enable individual recognition for propagating TQM message to the society. The participant will present for 5 minutes to the jury and the other delegates.

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To evoke an appreciation on the fundamental concepts on the tools and techniques in manufacturing TQM.
To impart the strong conceptual framework and the practical skills on the appropriate tools, techniques & methods at the specific place of work for attaining excellence.

About Us

AU TVS CQM caters to academia and industrial community

Students get to know the latest trend, challenges, best practices in the industry, application experience and mould themselves as holistic engineers equipped with quality.

Faculty know the trends in the industry and present their ideas that could be used to solve the problems faced.

Industry has an update on concepts and techniques on their implementation and share the experience with their counterparts.


To create quality consciousness and encourage pursuit of excellence among student community. To serve industries as a resource base for Quality - a body of knowledge.


To be the centre of excellence in the field of Quality education, training and applied research.
To be the premier institution in the country which offers opportunity for students to develop a well rounded personality towards achieving excellence in their endeavors.

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